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MediaLab is different from any other file sharing or storage solution. We offer a secure storage space that feels like home. Fully transparent. No surprises. Go ahead and style your Lab any way you like and invite only the people you want to have a peek!

Store and Share Anytime, Anywhere and on Any Device

Create a project folder and upload all your files. Our user friendly filter allows you to navigate through your content quickly and easily. Upload files such as videos, photos and brand materials up to 100 GB — which is a LOT — and share the link with only those people you want to have access.

Customize Your Lab

Make a great first impression by personalizing your Lab. It’s like decorating your living room and welcoming guests into your home. Upload your brand materials and once that’s done, store and share your digital files securely. Have fun!

Single Sign On

Today we all have to keep track of many different usernames and passwords for all the online services we use. Perhaps you are blessed with a superior memory or use an app like KeePass to track them, but what happens when you throw all your work-related accounts into the mix? And what happens to accounts of employees that have left the company? To help you out, we have now added support for Single Sign On with corporate credentials.

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Preview and Comment Online Without Downloading

Budgets and deadlines are everyday issues. MediaLab speeds up collaboration and decision making thanks to our online video preview and commenting functionality. Upload large files to your Lab and allow participants to review them online. No downloading needed.

Upload invite

Last year we released our new Upload Invite feature. This new service enables you to invite external users to upload files to your MediaLab environment, without them gaining access to any of your existing media.

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Use our app to upload, view or share your large digital files within your own Lab — no matter where you are. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re on iOS or Android.