A necessity for any good cloud platform is being accessible from everywhere. Whether you want to upload files from your mobile device, or share a video from your Macbook Pro, the tools you work with should not stand in your way. But also integration with other software is crucial these days. Perhaps command-line access from your own hosting platform. Or just a WordPress plugin to embed videos on your website?

To make our platform accessible from literally any platform we provide a full REST-based HTTP API. You can create new folders, upload videos and also generate embed links or send emails to external parties.

Depending on how you plan to use our API, there are different methods to authenticate. However, anyone can give it a test-run with their Private Token, which can simply be found on your Profile page when you are logged in.

For more extensive use cases we support the OAuth 2 workflow, the standard that pretty much all developers are familiar with these days.
Please follow the link below to our API documentation pages to read more about authorization, example SDK and more.

API documentation