Discover the power of our cloud solution.

Upload, view and distribute your media using our cloud file sharing platform.

No restrictions on file size or monthly bandwidth.

Automated workflow and API support to integrate with your systems.

Easily share your files and request feedback or approval from both internal and external shareholders.

Stay in control. Protect source files, require Single Sign On or set a default expiry for shared links.

User roles and group management provide fine-grained control to lock down your media.

Directly watch all media in your browser, no download required.

Real-time events and notifications for multi-user environments.

Communicate using your own brand identity.

Share large files safely and securely

MediaLab enables you to upload and share large files on your own personalized and secured cloud environment. Take back control: transform a Lab with your brand identity and stay in charge of your videos, images and other large files. Try it for free!

  • Your own personalized Lab
  • No restriction on file size
  • Unlimited file transfers
  • Videos 4K, photos, PDFs, PowerPoints, Audio, etc.
  • 24/7 worldwide access, from any device
  • No downloads required
  • Online preview and comment function
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