Single Sign On

SSO for corporates

Today we all have to keep track of many different usernames and passwords for all the online services we use. Perhaps you are blessed with a superior memory or use an app like KeePass to track them, but what happens when you throw all your work-related accounts into the mix? And what happens to accounts of employees that have left the company? To help you out, we have now added support for Single Sign On with corporate credentials. It doesn’t matter whether your company uses Google Apps, Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP to manage accounts, all industry standards can authenticate with MediaLab. This will give your newest employees direct access to your MediaLab platform (with permissions of your choosing), and when their corporate account is closed your media files will no longer be accessible to them.

Our method

Setting up Single Sign On for your company requires a one-time setup process so we know where to authenticate your users. Once that has been set up, all user management is done automatically. No more duplicate accounts or employees who still have access but are long gone.

Please get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities! We will be happy to set you up with one of these new features.

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