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Invite external users to upload files

So let’s get straight to the point: what is an upload invite? This feature enables you to invite external users to upload files to your MediaLab account, without them gaining access to any of your existing media.

With a MediaLab account you are all set for sharing and receiving (large) files. You can send someone else a link to a stand-alone upload page where they can upload some files. These files will automatically appear in your MediaLab account, in the folder you choose. No need to worry about your existing media, they won’t be able to see any of it. All they can do with the link is upload the files so they become available to you.

You can specify where the incoming files will be placed and restrict the amount of files that can be uploaded. It uses the same look and feel as our regular share page, so you can change the branding to match your corporate brand identity. It integrates with our existing share groups feature, which allows you to easily invite a group of people, and your workflow manager will manage your existing invites.

Smart platform for media files

Looking for a smart tool to make your media production process more efficient? We love to hear your wishes and requirements. Share or receive large files with the proper information in a short timespan. Interested in what we can do to help your media storage? Get in touch and try it out yourself with a free 30 days trial (no strings attached).

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How can we help your business

Content creators

As a content creator you will often jump from one project to another. Maybe another crew, new requirements, new workflows to adjust to. Having your MediaLab account as your central repository for these projects, all your media will come together in the Lab that you control. Send a link to the crew from yesterday to upload their footage, send a link to everyone that was on the set last week for any cool behind-the-scenes material, you name it.

Combined with our share feature, you can use this to quickly get the footage to your (prospective) clients to get some feedback.

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Corporations & Brands

Make it easy for yourself and stick to a single platform to share and receive your assets. Working with a new marketing agency for a project? Require your clients to securely send documents to you? Send them a link and let them upload it directly to your Lab. It looks good, it’s easy to understand and you will be notified instantly when the documents are available.

Perhaps you currently allow your employees to use public file sharing services, but how does your legal team like that with regards to the GDPR legislation? The cowboy days are over, in this day and age you need to know what files are stored online and you need to be confident that when you delete those files, they won’t pop up on a public forum one year later. We comply with the GDPR and can help you streamline your online file distribution while being compliant with applicable legislation.

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Broadcasters & Media companies

For broadcasters it’s the perfect way to receive items from producers that you only work with on a case-by-case basis. For your regular production companies it’s probably worth taking the effort to set up an automated workflow, but last-minute deliveries from a small producer are not uncommon.

Using the upload invite to receive those one-off items, you don’t need an alternative workflow to get the footage to your delivery platform. It fully integrates with real-time notifications, automated FTP pass-through, you name it. Since it’s stored on your own account, you don’t need to worry about new episodes leaking out through a public file sharing website.

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