Why become our partner?

MediaLab is the private cloud solution for uploading, storing and sharing of large media files. To ensure your brand identity, MediaLab is also available as a white label version. Would you like to add MediaLab to your product portfolio? We are constantly looking for new partners to expand our network.

If you are interested in becoming a MediaLab Partner please contact us at Below you'll find examples of some our partners and how they make use of MediaLab

magic imaging emotion

Magic Group Media

Magic Group Media is the Amsterdam based, independent, artisan, visual content creator and home to the true craftsman. They get the job done, do 99% of all the work in-house and they guarantee the highest possible output, always. Come to Magic Group Media  with your ideas, sketches, briefings, RAW- or developed files and they will cherish and nurture them and grow them into the beautiful creations they deserve to be. The skills of Magic include –but are not limited to: 3D, CGI, photography, creative retouche, post-production, video and image- and production consultancy.

MediaLab is the media gateway partner of Magic Group Media to send and receive all their artwork with and from external parties.

scout 7


At Scout7 they know that behind good data is a team of great people. They are proud of their team at Scout7 - a team which incorporates a broad range of technological expertise as well as first-hand experience of player recruitment and development from across the professional football industry. With over 230 clubs in 30 leagues around the world using Scout7’s technology, they help them organise and access their data to allow them to do what they do best – focus on the football.

Scout7 uses MediaLab as their partner for easily and securely sharing and storing of video’s of football matches, players and player data.