Covid-19 has much impact on different branches and markets. As a transfer tool for the media and broadcasting industry, we see that productions and events are postponed or canceled. Due to the health measurements, it’s not always easy to continue with productions. How does the corona pandemic affect the media and broadcasting sector?

At MediaLab we monitor the market of our clients constantly. On Broadcast Magazine we spotted an interesting interview with our media production partner United4All. The circumstances of Covid-19 are clearly visible at the production company. Clients, suppliers, media makers, and other media professionals are dealing with obtaining health measurements in order to create content and new formats.

New challenges and new production management tools

Making content in the media and broadcasting industry requires a different approach nowadays. Many Dutch companies are been challenged to find creative solutions that meet the health measurements and are executable at the same time. One of those solutions is to adopt new digital production management workflow tools to manage content processes easily. See how media company United4All responds to the corona crisis.

Disclaimer: the video is in Dutch

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