What video formats are supported for transcoding?

We support multiple video formats for transcoding.

  • Default MP4 H264 format
  • HLS live stream format
  • Custom transcoding

By default, all accounts are set up with two default MP4 H264 video profiles: MP4 high resolution and MP4 low resolution. These will be used for all uploaded videos. The exact settings can be configured in more details under "Settings" > "General settings" > "Video". It's possible to ensure a watermark or timecode is burned into the preview, the default bitrate can be set, etc. The MP4s will be available for download once created.

It is also possible to use Apple HLS for video playback. This format supports multi-bitrate videos with multiple resolutions. The HLS format also supports multiple audio streams and the ability to switch between audio stream in the video player. Since the HLS format has so many options, please contact us to configure it for your account. A downside of using HLS is the inability to easily download the transcoded version like the MP4.

Using the recreate option, the available formats can be added to the transcoding queue.

Finally, custom transcoding is available on demand. For on-premise platforms we can hook up with existing infrastructure and other workflows can use the REST API that supports uploading additional file formats.