Is support for RSS feeds available?

Support for RSS feeds is available to all subscriptions of MediaLab and follow the standards from the Media RSS Specification. The RSS feeds can be enabled for all share links, both personal and generic share links.

The feed is compatible with most major podcast platforms including Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts, so can be used to publish podcasts directly from MediaLab.

Static RSS feeds

A static RSS feed can be generated by simply creating a fileset or static playlist and generating a share link. This feed will be accessible as long as the share link is valid.

The feed will adhere to the permissions granted when generating the share link, meaning that a direct download link will only be included if download permissions have been selected.

Dynamic RSS feeds

Using the Smart Collections feature, dynamic RSS feeds can be created easily by using meta-data fields in MediaLab. To create a dynamic RSS feed, first set up a new search filter to match your files (e.g. using tags or labels). Using this search filter, create a new Smart Collection and finally generate a share link for the collection.

It's also possible to generate an RSS feed for an entire folder, in which case the RSS feed will be updated automatically to reflect the contents of this folder. This method can be used to have one directory that contains all published media assets or podcast episodes, and as soon as a new item is moved to the published directory, it will be picked up by the podcast providers.