I have problems uploading files

There is a wide variety of things that can cause problems while uploading files to MediaLab, making it very hard to pinpoint the problem. Here are some common problems we have encountered over the past few years:

  • If you are behind a (corporate) firewall, it may block large file uploads. Contact your IT department for more information.
  • Make sure the files you are uploading are stored on your local computer. Some network-attached storage devices may cause disruptions when uploading a large file directly from it. If you are having trouble with a file that is one a network share, try to copy it to your local computer first.
  • Check the quality of your internet connection. Having a spotty or slow internet connection is the biggest cause of upload problems. If you are on Wifi, see if you can connect using a cable instead.
  • Is your browser up to date? See https://www.whatbrowser.org/ for more details about your current browser.
  • Is your upload speed reasonable to upload the file? See this page where we explain how to calculate the estimated upload time.

If you keep having connectivity problems, you can try to use FTP to upload files instead. Sometimes FTP is better in resuming partial uploads compared to your web browser. We support FTP uploads for clients that have the pull add-on enabled, see this page for more information.

Enable chunked uploads

Enabling chunked uploads make it easier when you encounter upload problems. Files will be uploaded in small chunks and afterwards put back together. This could resolve upload issues or help out with large files.

You can enable chunked uploads by going to your user preferences, there you will find an option to enable chunked uploads.