Edit thumbnail

Generated thumbnails

MediaLab automatically generates thumbnails for all uploaded files, these generated thumbnails aren’t always perfect. In example, take this image and it’s generated thumbnail:

Customizing thumbnails

For this reason MediaLab offers users the ability to edit or replace the thumbnail of all the files in your Lab. The easiest way to open the thumbnail editor is through the context menu of the file you wish to edit.

The thumbnail editor

With the thumbnail editor you can choose to either create a new thumbnail using the original image, or upload a separate image which will be used as thumbnail.

  • Current thumbnail: At the top of this screen you’ll find a reference of the thumbnail.
  • Upload new thumbnail: If you’d like to use a separate image for the thumbnail click the "Choose file" button and choose the image image you’d like to use.
  • Create thumbnail: To start editing the thumbnail click on the "Create Thumbnail" button. In this screen you can move and resize the blue square, everything inside the blue lines will become the new thumbnail.
  • Submit: Once you’re satisfied, click "Submit" and find your file to witness the newly created thumbnail in all its glory.