Can I change the way the thumbnails are displayed?

When it comes to browsing media, scanning the thumbnails is probably one of the easiest way to quickly browse through your files. With that in mind, we realize it is important to get the thumbnails right. We allow a couple of different ways to customize your thumbnails. Let's have a look at how you can change this:

1. Upload a new thumbnail

You can change the thumbnail yourself for each file, by either cropping the existing image or by uploading a new thumbnail. This is useful if you want to make sure the thumbnail for each file is absolutely perfect when sharing your media. To read more on how to edit a thumbnail, please see our support article here.

2. Change the thumbnail display type

Depending on the type of media you upload, our default way to display thumbnails might not be suitable. Our goal is to make your media look good when browsing, for that reason we have chosen for a default view where all the thumbnails are the same size. But of course, not all your media has the same dimensions, so this will cause larger images to be cropped in the thumbnail. It is possible to manually change the thumbnail for each file, but this is not feasible if you want to change the displayed thumbnails for all your media. It is therefore possible to change the way we display the thumbnails by navigating to "Settings > General Settings > Thumbnails". This is a global setting and will apply to all your users and all your media. You can then choose one of the following three options to change the display:

  • Fill area
This is the default setting, all thumbnails will be the same size causing some sides to be cropped from larger images.
  • Fit area
Use to always use the full image as thumbnail, thumbnails are resized to fit the thumbnail area and will never be cropped.
  • Fit vertically
Good for portrait images, this makes sure the full height of the thumbnail is kept, the width will be changed to maintain aspect ratio.
  • Fit horizontally
Good for landscape images, this makes sure the full width is shown, the height will be changed to maintain aspect ratio.