Can I add custom metadata to a file?

We provide several options to help you store your meta data along with your files.

User-supplied meta data

We provide a few default fields for all our clients, such as file title, description, reference and tags. In addition to these fields we support custom meta data forms for our clients on request. We can help you set up a form with the fields that you require, such as a date fields, dropdowns and timestamp. When you have a custom meta data form, it is automatically possible to search on all these fields. It also fully integrates with our FTP file transfer add-on to import or export an XML with your meta data.

Examples of custom meta data fields include attribution, time codes for breaks, producer, etc.

To set up advanced workflows for automated content delivery, fields can be marked as "required", forcing the uploader to fill out the complete form before a file upload can be completed. Automated FTP deliveries will automatically kick off as soon as all the required meta data is available to make it easy to integrate MediaLab into your media delivery flow.

Technical meta data

Most files include some form of meta data in the source. This can range from ID-3 tags for audio files to Exif data for images. For all known media types we will attempt to gather the most relevant meta data and make it available with each file. You can find this by navigating to a file then opening the "Info" dialog.