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Marketers are more flexible in their than ever with the New Way of Working. This asks for smart devices that support the daily marketing workflow. Sharing media files quickly and easy without problems can be a big challenge. Files are often to huge to send these with regular e-mail programs. With our solution we offer a tool that grows with every organization. Upload, share and archive media in a way that isn’t time consuming.

Control over media files
Stay in control by sharing media files. Choose for an orderly cloud space, where you can preview documents, without downloading them first.
Set up user rights for different receivers. Determine which users can only see media or download it on their devices.
Get a notification when somebody has previewed your media or has provided feedback.

Find media files easily
Provide a media storage where every marketing staff has access to. Sharing and archiving media files becomes easier.
Create main and sub folders, to categorize media even better. Filter media files on video, audio and images.
Keep your media storage clear for your team, organization and clients. Find marketing media back within your archive in no time.

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A customized marketing asset management tool 

Does your marketing organization need an own cloud environment? Maintain easily and safely media files with our sharing tool.
Upload, share, archive and review marketing material in an efficient way. Do you want to learn more about our marketing asset management tool?
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