Stock Media

Keeping all your media organized

In our daily business operation, the volume of media content that we consume but also produce grows by the minute. We see this growth in all types of industries and across all departments. Just think of all the content you need for your website or the instruction videos you produce for your products. Maybe yet another variation of your company logo, project-related assets, the list is endless. This not only demands more storage, you also need to find ways to keep track of all your assets, browse them or organize them.

We bet that most of the corporate content (logos, manuals, product stock footage, etcetera) is stored scattered around your (business) network. Be it on external hard disks, different drives with different user rights or on your personal public photo cloud together with your private pictures. While this may not be a problem right now, what if someone leaves the company and you only realize 3 months later that the latest version of your brand book was stored on their iCloud? Here is a challenge for you:

Can you, within 5 minutes, find the final version of your company logo in PNG format and send us a link to download it?

MediaLab as stock media solution is used by a wide variety of companies. It allows them to digitally store all their media in their Lab, centralized and according to their brand identity guidelines. Need some practical examples of how our platform differs from other cloud storage solutions? Let’s look at some benefits we offer to help you out.

The stock media system of MediaLab lets you:

  • Create centralized digital storage of all your media assets
  • Set up a branded cloud platform that belongs to your company
  • Add an embargo date, copyright holder or other relevant meta data

User rights and media access

With our user permission system you can decide for each user if they can view or download content from your Lab. Maybe they need upload permissions to add footage, or permissions to share direct links by email. In addition, by adding users to one or more groups you have fine-grained control over which folders they can access. Having all your media stored in your own Stock Media Lab the times of emailing large attachments or scattered requests for access are long gone.

Access for external parties

What’s the use of having stock media that can’t be accessed by anyone outside your company? We offer several ways to selectively share your media with external stakeholders. For example, you can always generate a public link or share it by email. You will receive real-time notifications when they view your media and can see detailed statistics later on. Maybe you want to share it with a larger group of people, perhaps even create a public gallery for your website. You can set up a public profile and generate a link that you can place on your website to allow anyone to login and view a curated collection of your media.

Protect source files

Let’s say you have your 1080p source video and you want to send a teaser to a partner. Obviously you don’t want to risk giving away your HD source, so we allow sharing just the low resolution previews that we create for you. This way you can still share a video for previewing but don’t have to worry about losing your 30 GB MXF high resolution.

We also support large TIFF files, PSDs and Office documents so you will no longer need separate platforms for different types of files.

More features

Share your media

Share media with internal and external users. Create a direct link or send an email to let your audience watch your media online.

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Branding & brand identity

Your Lab with the look and feel of the organization. Upload your logo, pick your colors and get started.

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Media Library

Build a media library to manage and distribute your media assets. Protect source files while sharing viewable versions and use an extensive security system to limit access.

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