MediaLab for Media Distribution Companies

MediaLab helps you to get your media to market faster and smoother, by giving you the optimal media management platform with easy team collaboration options, fast media distribution features, and branded and secure communication tools when sharing your media.

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How Media Distribution Companies use MediaLab

As a Media Distribution company, sharing media can be labour intensive and it is easy to lose track of who has seen what. Create the perfect media distribution workflow with MediaLab.

Team collab

Team collaboration

Team collaboration Be updated in real time of upload and transcode progress, when your colleague adds a new project or when your share link has been viewed.

Share links

Share links

Share and review media Share media with internal and external stakeholders. Create a direct link or send an email to let your audience watch your media. Request feedback from others and have them directly comment on your media with timecodes.



Branding Brand MediaLab to match your brand identity by customizing your Lab. Combine all the branding features to make your media stand out from the rest and make it feel like an extension of your organization.


Primitives are a specialist format distributor originating from Flanders, formed in 2011 by the three largest independent production houses in the country. Primitives works hard for good people with good ideas, localising, developing and pitching content for the international market. They focus on factual and factual entertainment titles such as The Mole and Eternal Glory, with a lovingly curated catalogue of titles.