We at MediaLab focus on making your media workflows as effortless as possible. We know hosted broadcast events combined with complex media right management can be hectic and stressful. Especially when your software is not attuned to your wishes. With MediaLab, the process of managing and sharing live event content has never been smoother. Let's dive into how it works and explore some top-notch connected cameras for this innovative workflow.

Instant content creation during live events

Imagine being able to share captivating photos and videos from a live event with your audience in mere seconds. That's precisely what MediaLab does during games, concerts, and other live gatherings. Here's how it works: Amberscript MediaLab integration

  • Step 1: Every photographer/cameraman at the event is equipped with a connected camera linked via FTP. Within MediaLab, a designated FTP channel is established, directing all photos to a selected folder. As photographers/cameramen snap away, their shots are automatically uploaded to MediaLab in real-time.
  • Step 2: These source files are seamlessly funnelled to the editing team, where editors can work their magic on the content without delays.
  • Step 3: Once the editing is complete, all optimized photos are promptly returned to MediaLab. The organization can now swiftly curate and select the best images to share with the world, delivering captivating content to fans and viewers in a matter of seconds.

Centralization of content: A game-changer

One of MediaLab's standout features is its ability to centralize and store high-quality photos and videos from various events. This centralization simplifies the process of uploading, storing, and accessing images, ensuring that everyone involved can access the latest event footage. It allows you to create a comprehensive catalogue of all event content, complete with custom metadata for easy search and retrieval. Additionally, sharing this content with participants and fans becomes a breeze. And where in the future you can archive for a sustainable future of your media of past events.

Want a live example? Check out how we did it before:

To achieve this streamlined workflow, having a reliable connected camera is essential. Fortunately, our partner Diginet offers a range of top-notch cameras suited for this purpose. Please take a look on their website for their wide range of cameras.

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Mar 07, 2024
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