If you are working in the broadcast, media and entertainment business, you might know that many organizations producing content struggle with the challenges of storage, transformation, and distribution. Especially as video production standards rise from HD to UHD/4K, 8K, and beyond, the amount of data associated with any given project or production grows exponentially. Unfortunately, too many organizations have not adequately planned for future technological innovations, which are inevitable within this industry. As a result, distribution and storage capacity becomes a costly, disruptive exercise that cannot keep pace with the rapidly evolving business needs.

Therefore, any organization producing large content files needs a practical, cost-efficient means to replace outmoded storage, transformation, and distribution technologies. And they need this solution to be as useful and expandable for tomorrow’s urgent needs as it is for today’s.

Keeping up with developments of media distribution

Looking at the rapid changing environment of the broadcast, media and entertainment sector, common sense indicates that older centralized systems will have to give way to a distributed infrastructure that enables fast, affordable expansion and adoption of new technologies. However, mostly it is the people actually producing the content that feel the urgency to improve and adapt. Still, higher-ups are overall fine with all the workarounds, since they do not experience the struggle directly of working with an outdated and inefficient way to distribute and store media. Fortunately, the need for a new approach has converged with the availability of infrastructures that can deliver it, like MediaLab.

Media Distribution Command Center

MediaLab provides you with a tool that lets you share and receive your large media files by using your email, a share link or send it to FTP without any restrictions on file size. Keep all your files centrally stored in the cloud and your files can be viewed without downloading first, which prevents sensitive media source files from being stored anywhere else. Moreover, our commenting option allows you to give feedback right there and then. All your transferred media to stakeholders will be kept safe with adjustable expiration dates and a limited amount of views of your share links and track who watches what.

The MediaLab tool is flexible and scalable to your organization’s needs and growth. Or any developments within the media and entertainment business, like the latest acronyms: 4K, UHD and HDR. Optimize your digital infrastructure with MediaLab as the base of operations for all your video and media content workflows.

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MediaLab Team

Oct 15, 2020
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