Amsterdam – RTL Nederland and MediaLab are continuing their alliance for another 5 years. MediaLab is a supplier of a safe and professional SaaS solution to share large media files worldwide, that allows saving, managing and sharing files on any device. Thanks to the renewal of the contract, MediaLab remains the service platform for RTL Nederland to use for efficient reception, exchange and delivery of their video files. Both internally and externally.

More efficient than it used to be

Ten years ago it was common use to let couriers bring videotapes from location A to location B, so the footage could make it on TV. RTL had this time-consuming process digitalized by MediaLab back in 2008, resulting in a tapeless workflow. Producers of broadcasting material used for all RTL channels can upload their large media files quick and easy to the RTL MediaLab cloud. In this tool there’s an automatic quality check to make sure that broadcasts uphold the high RTL standards. Besides the producers, who can broadcast or upload their programs online in no time trough this easy workflow, the MediaLab tool supports several departments within RTL. They use it as their image library for instance. Besides the internal use, MediaLab is also used for the exchange of media files when an external party wishes to use RTL content.

Growing along with a changing market

Giovanni Piccirilli, CTO of RTL Nederland: “Besides the programs we offer on TV, we are using Videoland and RTL XL to meet the demands and wishes of our viewers. They want to have access to our broad range of programs, series and movies, whenever they want. MediaLab helps us to distribute all those media files in a safe, efficient and professional manner. We’ve been working together since 2008 and that has always been a pleasant union. We’re happy to add another 5 years to our relationship”.

Hans de Heus, Managing Director of MediaLab: “In 2008 the sharing of video files for (amongst others) the broadcasting industry was a challenging task. Thanks to our solution, that has grown along with the changing market, that’s no longer the case. Because we are working with a lot of different parties in that market and having a flexible development team, we are able to anticipate to the needs that RTL or any other media company has regarding our filesharing tool. Because we are a Dutch company, that offers the service, quality and technical knowledge that RTL requires is used of us, they renewed their contract with us. We’re extremely happy about that and very proud, because we enjoy working for and with RTL. Not to mention that a contract for at least five years is exceptional in this business.”

Giovanni Piccirilli (CTO – RTL Nederland), Hans de Heus (Managing Director – MediaLab) en Gaby Kuitert (Partner Manager – RTL Nederland)

MediaLab Team

May 04, 2020