Live from our very own TechLab, we proudly announce the new updates of our mobile app. In our midsummer update, we stated that we are always on the roll to improve our tool. Together with Digital Chefs, we make our mobile app leaner and cleaner. Do we still have your attention? Find out what’s new in our MediaLab mobile app and take advantage of it.

Preview more files types

In our previous mobile app version, you had the ability to preview media, such as photos and videos. With the new upgrade, it’s possible to preview PDF files. Upload important documents, that you want to share with clients or other parties. Achieve project deadlines faster and easier with your team.

New online preview icon

With the new mobile app eye icon, it becomes more clear that you can zoom in and out to read the content of files properly. To zoom in; you can click on the image or you can click on the eye icon. You are now entering the ‘preview modus’, where you can read the document in full screen. Previously, it was possible to swipe to other content when you were in preview modus. To keep the attention of the reader, it’s not possible anymore to swipe further.

Further app development

Besides previewing more files and re-designing the preview icon, you can expect more feature gears in our mobile app. Like adding more maps and media at the same time, inviting people to upload files and sharing content with unique links.

As you noticed, we want to give you the same user experience as the web browser. If you haven’t discovered the perks of our mobile app yet, try it out yourself. Download it via Google Play or the App Store.

MediaLab Team

Oct 01, 2019
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