Review media files easily online

With MediaLab you can review marketing files online without problems. Start working with a trustworthy and smart feedback tool where you can share media easily.
Often free upload websites are handy, but on the longer term these channels don’t provide the needed capability for sending big media files.

Feedback tool for optimum collaboration
MediaLab speeds up collaboration between different groups and organizations. Factors like deadlines and budgets are important within projects.
These aspects determine the workflow of a project. With MediaLab you can easily provide files with feedback.
Review moments take place faster. With as result that the deadline of the end product is met faster.

Various online review moments
Review moments are important for content creators and clients. With MediaLab you keep control over files that have been sent.
You can install user rights for receivers, so that you always have insight about who opened your media files and who provided it with feedback.


A feedback customized tool

Working with budgets and deadlines provide a high work pace. At MediaLab we understand as no other that your business needs an online solution that scales flexibly.
With our feedback tool you can easily share content files and receive feedback from important clients. Have we make you curious and do you want to know more about the possibilities of our feedback tool? Start a free trial for 30 days. Or contact us for a cup of coffee, we love to hear your story

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