Consumer behavior is changing daily. Technology is changing daily. A challenge for every organization, but for marketing departments in particular. Because how do you keep sending out your message? As a result, we see a massive increase in the use of video in marketing strategies. Opportunities, but also a lot of new problems. Videos are generally larger files. But how do you manage them properly?

Why should you choose for video?

A few facts and statistics. Videos are considered to be easy to digest and to understand. 90% of all viewers of video have said that video has become a big part of their decision-making process. People are 1200% more likely to share a post containing video then just pictures or text. To go short: video is the ultimate tool to get attention from and connect with your viewers. Don’t just inform, but try to inspire as a brand. Stand out in the massive overload of content that your (potential) clients are facing.

New technology, new problems

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy does have certain effects on your media process. You have to ensure proper storage, management, distribution and archiving of your media files. Accessibility and security are important issues to cover. Then there’s the matter of efficiency and frustration. For instance: how do you prevent numerous versions of files to be stored all over your server?

Another problem to think about is how you are going to share your media files if they’re too big to be sent by email. There are numerous tools to send bigger files, but often they use expiring links. You have no idea if your files have been received and you can’t add additional information, like metadata or embargo comments.

Security is a big issue in this digital era. How do you keep your data safe in the cloud and how do you keep control over your data. Where is it stored? You want to know where your data is and who has access, but how?

Another issue is the so-called ‘legacy’. Your organization has its programs and applications, that have been running for years. Chances are they don’t comply with the current IT infrastructure. But they’re too valuable to dismiss and still do what they need to do. How does that work when you start working in a cloud?

One tool to solve your problems

For all these questions and more, MediaLab is here to help. We help you to design a flexible and scalable media structure for video and other large media files. When we design your cloud, we listen to your wishes and needs. MediaLab has features that will make your media process run more efficiently and user-friendly. For instance, you know who’s uploaded and shared files at any time. But you can also keep track of who’s viewed the files and there is the option to leave comments on the spot. MediaLab offers a 24/7 support team, so you can keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

Within the cloud, all your stakeholders can work on the entire process of media transferring. From any device, from any place. We make it a priority to keep your files safe and secure during all stages of the process.

MediaLab knows media files

MediaLab is a platform for transferring media content, with its origins in the tv-industry. Through the years we’ve gained a ton of experience in the field of large media files and media structures. This experience allows us to advise and guide companies of all sizes and in all branches when it comes to organizing and managing their media content library.

Omroepen & Media bedrijven

Met MediaLab is het mogelijk om alle soorten video bestanden te delendownloaden en te uploaden op een zeer snelle en vooral veilige manier. Je kunt een geautomatiseerde workflow opzetten om producenten direct hun formats te laten uploaden, welke direct bij het delivery platform kunnen worden afgeleverd.

Content Creators

Werk je met mediabestanden dan kun je niet werken zonder een betrouwbare deel/verstuurtool. MediaLab biedt meer dan alleen het delen van bestanden: voorvertoningen, makkelijk delen en reageren op tijdcodes zijn slechts enkele van de vele kenmerken.

Bedrijven & Merken

MediaLab levert gecentraliseerde opslag voor belangrijke onderdelen zoals productfotografie, kunstwerken, instructievideo’s, geluidsfragmenten en logo’s. Met onze tool is het mogelijk om je merk gecontroleerd te stroomlijnen.