Just about everyone who owns a smartphone has used or at least seen them: people showing their face about 20 years older, using a popular app. Hilarious! And worrying. Not just for the obvious “Oh my, is this what I will look like” reason, but also for security reasons. Because as it turns out, by using that fun, innocent app, you gave a lot of your info and the use of your picture to ‘someone’ in Russia. You have no idea where your data is stored and who can use it for what purpose. Oops. Lots of people just shrug and say: “I’ve got nothing to hide, nobody’s interested in me.”

How private is private data?

Another example. On the tv-show Radar they did a segment on a neighbourhood app. Get to know and connect with your neighbours. It was supposed to be a closed and secure app. Awesome! Too bad the app showed many flaws, like making everyone’s personal info available to just about everyone who logged in. Besides that, the company used the data to get more people to use the app and to push ‘customized’ advertising. This app is now being reviewed to fix those problems.

Be smart about sharing your data

What I’m trying to say here is this. We all have our smartphones and we all want to keep up with the lastest handy and fun apps. Most of them are alright, but some are just not safe. Can you tell the difference? Probably not. These apps I just mentioned are just your apps for personal use. But think about how you use your business information. Lots of media files, emails, presentations, confidential information etcetera are sent by using everyday apps, tools and programs.

You have no idea who’s behind those tools and programs, where your data is stored, who can see the info that you send and what they can do with it. In short: protect your data!

Use a secure and safe tool to send your media files

My advice? Don’t just use the first random app, tool, website or program because it’s free, but do your research first and make your decision based on that. Choose security and safety of your data first and use a website, app, tool or program that complies with that. If you want to know more about this subject and talk about possible solutions, feel free to contact me via e-mail or LinkedIn. You can also read more here about cloud storage.

Omroepen & Media bedrijven

Met MediaLab is het mogelijk om alle soorten video bestanden te delendownloaden en te uploaden op een zeer snelle en vooral veilige manier. Je kunt een geautomatiseerde workflow opzetten om producenten direct hun formats te laten uploaden, welke direct bij het delivery platform kunnen worden afgeleverd.

Content Creators

Werk je met mediabestanden dan kun je niet werken zonder een betrouwbare deel/verstuurtool. MediaLab biedt meer dan alleen het delen van bestanden: voorvertoningen, makkelijk delen en reageren op tijdcodes zijn slechts enkele van de vele kenmerken.

Bedrijven & Merken

MediaLab levert gecentraliseerde opslag voor belangrijke onderdelen zoals productfotografie, kunstwerken, instructievideo’s, geluidsfragmenten en logo’s. Met onze tool is het mogelijk om je merk gecontroleerd te stroomlijnen.