Along the lines of International Workers’ day, we are curious what the impact of digitization is on the labor market. Which trends and developments arise from this? This week we found an article that highlight the impact of digitization on the European labor market. Read further to learn more.

Digitization ensures job creation

Digitization influences productivity on the work floor in many ways. A logical result is that labor forces are being replaced by machines. At the same time, digitization ensures job creation for people in the IT-industry. Followed by a more global labor market. Digitization makes it possible to work everywhere around the world. This is a positive starting point for digital platforms that encourage freelancing in the IT sector.

To pace up these trends, it’s important to develop the digital skills of employees. Followed by preventing stress-related problems that arise from digitization. Hereby it is important to set up new social contracts to protect employees against illness and unemployment. Of course, you want to know more. Read further to dive deeper into the impacts of digitization in the labor market. Click here to read the article (please note, the report is in Dutch).

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