Beware of powerful tech companies

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Online privacy is a much-discussed topic lately. We want to stay anonymous as long as possible. We understand that you might get ‘that sneaky feeling’ that somebody is mapping your internet behavior for commercial purpose. Nowadays we all use platforms like Google, YouTube or Facebook to gain insights. In turn for information, these platforms collect personal data. Your privacy is no longer safe and will be sold to third parties. Probably you are wondering how safe your personal information is. Do you have even a grip on your data when these networks are struggling with privacy threats?

Indispensable channels

Besides Facebook, YouTube or Google, which other social and search platform can we rely on? Nowadays, these parties are indispensable, at least that is what we think. We do our searches via Google and YouTube. But when these platforms have privacy issues, then we might have a problem. All our personal data can be exposed, and we don’t have a grasp on this.

YouTube and Vimeo

With no other platform alternative, we are powerless. We realize how great the impact of big tech giants like YouTube can be. Which video streaming platform can we run to? Vimeo would be a great competitor but has a smaller audience than YouTube. The advantage of YouTube is that it’s owned by Google, which means that the content comes higher in the searching results. In short, big tech companies can praise themselves lucky with no hard competition.

But what if there are alternatives? What are the pros and cons? In our internet scope, we found an article that responds to this current privacy issue event. What is going to happen when there are much more alternative platforms besides Facebook or Google? Read here for more context about this issue:

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