Working with MediaLab means that you are automatically working in the cloud. All your data are stored on online servers. You don’t have to worry about making back-ups from media on devices. When you are deciding to move your business to the cloud, you can choose between three solutions: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. So, let’s go back to the basics, what do these concepts mean? We found interesting reading material, that explains these terms.

Differences between cloud solutions

MediaLab is an example of a SaaS solution. SaaS stands for ‘Software as a Service’ and uses the web to deliver applications. Everything that you need is provided and managed by one service provider. With SaaS, it isn’t needed to install and run applications on individual computers. Using SaaS solutions are cost savings. You are literally paying for the services and the licenses that you need. As a company, you will never pay too much for SaaS solutions. PaaS stands for ‘Platform as a Service’ and is used for applications to deliver SaaS products. Developers have the opportunity to use a framework where they can unfold and customize applications. This is a nifty way to offer a self-service portal for computing infrastructures. The last solution is IaaS; Infrastructure as a Service. With this service, it’s possible to ‘rent’ empty server storage. As a company, you are completely responsible for the configuration and the maintenance of software and resources that are hosted on the infrastructure.

Just to understand the basics of these solutions, even more, we found an article with fascinating examples. Curious what these examples are about? Click here to found out more.

Omroepen & Media bedrijven

Met MediaLab is het mogelijk om alle soorten video bestanden te delendownloaden en te uploaden op een zeer snelle en vooral veilige manier. Je kunt een geautomatiseerde workflow opzetten om producenten direct hun formats te laten uploaden, welke direct bij het delivery platform kunnen worden afgeleverd.

Content Creators

Werk je met mediabestanden dan kun je niet werken zonder een betrouwbare deel/verstuurtool. MediaLab biedt meer dan alleen het delen van bestanden: voorvertoningen, makkelijk delen en reageren op tijdcodes zijn slechts enkele van de vele kenmerken.

Bedrijven & Merken

MediaLab levert gecentraliseerde opslag voor belangrijke onderdelen zoals productfotografie, kunstwerken, instructievideo’s, geluidsfragmenten en logo’s. Met onze tool is het mogelijk om je merk gecontroleerd te stroomlijnen.