Choose your platform wisely, we tell you what to do

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Nowadays we are overwhelmed by a huge amount of online channels. Each channel has different play rules, which puts us in several situations how we handle our content. Think twice when you upload content. We are giving you the perfect food for thought when you are willing to upload new media and share it with the world.

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Midsummer MediaLab Update

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Today, June 21, marks the summer solstice for us here in Amsterdam, a day often celebrated with festivals and rituals. We even have a big summer party ourselves tonight with the rest of our colleagues at PQR. On a day like this it’s a good time to look back and give you all a quick recap of what’s been happening here at MediaLab HQ.

As always, the development team hasn’t been doing nothing the last few months and we have a lot of things going on. Let’s have a look!

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Introduction: New timeless wallpapers with our Branding Feature

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You can choose to display randomized background images, from a selected set of pictures. You share files with your clients in a professional cloud environment, when you share media it’s helpful to be recognizable for your clients professionally.

This service is provided by Unsplash. The images are shown when you log in at MediaLab and when you use the ‘Invite Upload’ function. When the Unsplash service is unavailable you’re still guaranteed to see a background.

To install the Unsplash background:

  • Navigate to “Settings > Settings > General Settings”. On this page, you will find general info about your organization name, custom mail template, video and pull filters.
  • Go to “Wallpapers > Choose another wallpaper”. In this section, you will see the Unsplash logo. Select the option and scroll down the page to save your settings.

Save time from choosing backgrounds and focus on business that matter, with the Unsplash background option you don’t have to think about selecting images. The service will always provide users with timeless wallpapers.

With the Unsplash background option, you don’t have to think about selecting images. The service is always providing wallpapers that are timeless. Save time by choosing backgrounds.

Omroepen & Media bedrijven

Met MediaLab is het mogelijk om alle soorten video bestanden te delendownloaden en te uploaden op een zeer snelle en vooral veilige manier. Je kunt een geautomatiseerde workflow opzetten om producenten direct hun formats te laten uploaden, welke direct bij het delivery platform kunnen worden afgeleverd.

Content Creators

Werk je met mediabestanden dan kun je niet werken zonder een betrouwbare deel/verstuurtool. MediaLab biedt meer dan alleen het delen van bestanden: voorvertoningen, makkelijk delen en reageren op tijdcodes zijn slechts enkele van de vele kenmerken.

Bedrijven & Merken

MediaLab levert gecentraliseerde opslag voor belangrijke onderdelen zoals productfotografie, kunstwerken, instructievideo’s, geluidsfragmenten en logo’s. Met onze tool is het mogelijk om je merk gecontroleerd te stroomlijnen.