What do we want? To save time! When do we want it? Now!

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When I started my “business career” people had to work from their computers, at an office to get things done. Then there was the introduction of the mobile phone and yes, we had internet when we were on the move. Hello progress, but still not great. Because having to open your web browser on your mobile device to get your work done, is extremely limiting. So inspite of all the technology improvements, you still have to go to your computer and share your media files. There should be a way to make life easier, right?

Media sharing limitations? Apps are the answer!

Your mobile and tablet are an extension of your office tools. Imagine working without them? We understand your need for saving time and making office life more efficient and more pleasant. So our supervisory board member Luc Brandts adviced us to team up with Digital Chefs to help us create two brand new apps for your mobile devices. And now we can proudly announce that we have succeeded to create amazing apps, that are available on both Android and iOS!

Medialab app IOS

MadiaLab App Android

Similarity and simplicity

The Android and iOS versions are completely similar. So no matter what type of phone or tablet your employees use, they are working with the same functions. The apps have the same fullservice options as the web version of MediaLab. Upload and download straight in the cloud, where everyone has access to the same content at the same time. Centralised and always available. No more urge to get home and get behind your computer, uploading, where someone else has to find a computer to download those media files to actually (re)view them. No more ZIP-files in your mailbox or having your download folder full with numerous versions of the same file. Talk about saving time and hassle!

Live in the moment and share it

Another advantage of the MediaLab apps: realtime availability. These days your mobile device is not just about processing text, but also about being able to capture the moment and share it right there and then.

Imagine that you are visiting an event and you see a demo or a presentation that you think would be interesting for your co-workers. Film it, upload it, comment on it. Done. All in the secure environment of your MediaLab cloud. And of course this also works when you want to capture the good times at the company Christmas party, for instance.

Try it yourself

With a few simple moves you can send, receive and comment on media files on your phone. Curious to try our free trial or do you want to find out more? Go to…

Uploading and sharing media files, freedom and flexibility!

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Question. Who spends their entire workday around their desktop or laptop? The chances of that happening are very slim. You are probably spending a lot of time on the road, in meetings or you are simply enjoying your time off.

Is your smartphone never more than an arm length away? That’s more likely. Reading email, sending a text and the opportunity to deal with what matters right there and then. In other words, you probably spend more time on your smartphone than on your laptop.

How many times does it occur that you get an urgent phone call, asking you to send certain files as soon as possible? Or maybe you suddenly realise that you were supposed to send someone certain files on your day off. The chances of those situations occurring are probably much bigger. But unfortunately, you only have your smartphone at hand. It will have to wait until you get to your computer, so you can upload and share your media files.  Smartphone to the rescue, right?

Smartphones are not that smart

Smartphones can do a lot these days. You have your entire company or department in the palm of your hand. The options are endless. Well, almost endless. Because despite today’s technology, smartphones are not suitable for uploading and sharing large mediafiles. Which can be a problem if you happen to be in one of the situations as mentioned before. But it can also be a nuisance if you simply want to have the freedom to upload and share your files at any moment and at any place you like.

MediaLab app

MediaLab understands that need for freedom and flexibility when it comes to uploading and sharing your files.  That’s why MediaLab is not only available as a desktop version, but also as an app that you can download on your smartphone. The app is free and is available for Android and iOs. Also, when you receive or share content via MediaLab, downloading is not required to check if it is what you’re looking for. Saves time, saves sending out numerous of emails with DEF1, DEFDEF01 or DEF.FINAL3.1 as a subject.

Save time and space, view your files without downloading

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As we all know technology is developing faster than we can imagine. Enabling us to work faster, more structured and safely. Working efficiently means saving time and with that saving money.  Simple as that. Files haring is one of those examples of technology that made our lives easier. However, many file transfer methods have limitations. Example? One of them is having to download your files first before you can view. Limitations like this will cost your company precious time and storage space. How exactly? Keep reading and see if you recognize some of the common problems. You probably will recognize them.

Preview your files in the cloud

When working with media files nowadays, the quality and the file sizes get better and better by the day. MediaLab lets you view these files without downloading, so you can save time and save storage space on your computer. So why is this such a good thing? When you operate in a business where you work with large media files, you want to be able to send and receive them as quickly and easy as possible.

The hassle of regular media transfer

But, reality is different. Does this situation sound familiar? You get a notification that someone has sent you a large amount of data. This can be via FTP, a free online file transfer tool or via a link from a file sharing tool. You want to take a quick look and decide if you need to use them right away or if it can wait until after your meeting. Or maybe you want to check if you received the right files in the first place. Because time is money, remember?

Unfortunately you have to download your files first, before you can have a proper look at them. In many cases you need to get an account to open the link. Or you need to install software before you can actually start downloading. Downloading takes time and it takes up storage space to save them. When you are finally done, you take a look and find out that you are still missing some files or that these aren’t the files that you were expecting. So now you have to delete those files again and inform the sender that they have to resend their files. Or al least, if you remember to delete them. Frustrating? Yes! If only you could have known that before downloading them all. Like by viewing them without downloading first for instance. Now wouldn’t that be great.

The solution

Maybe you never realized how much of a hassle receiving media files can be, until now. Thankfully, MediaLab provides you with a much easier solution. As mentioned, you can simply view your files without having to download them. Preview your media files in the cloud and go from there. Time saved, space saved, problem solved. Are you curious what MediaLab can do for your company? Take a peek at our solutions, you might find the answer to your business challenges.

Read more about our solutions

Broadcasters & Media companies

MediaLab allows you to uploaddownload and share all types of video files in a fast and secure way, no matter what size. You can set up an automated workflow to allow producers to upload their formats to you, which will be delivered straight to your delivery platform.

Content Creators

A reliable media sharing tool is of the essence when it comes to meeting budgets and deadlines in the media industry. Together with features such as video sharingvideo previews and commenting, MediaLab makes this possible.

Corporations & Brands

MediaLab provides centralized storage for important assets such as artwork, product photography, instruction videos, audio and logos. Our tool makes it possible to organize, control and maintain your brand consistency.