COVID-19 has ensured precautionary measurements from the Dutch government. A big part of the Netherlands is required to work from home as much as possible. We can imagine that working from home brings great benefits in traveling and combining work and private. But it has also disadvantages such as missing out the optimal face2face cooperation and communication with colleagues. Without the benefits and the disadvantages, how can you still ensure a productive media workflow where cooperation and communication are key? When working remotely, we give you three tips to boost work productivity.

Tip 1. Stay transparent and communicate clearly

“Assumption is the mother of all F@$K ups” – Working remotely ensures that the cooperation and communication with colleagues have to be more detailed and clearer than ever. Don’t assume but double-check. Make a clear working schedule with milestones and deadlines and share these within your team proactively. If you have an e-meeting, make sure that you make notes of the important bullet points and share these. Check before leaving the call if the items you wrote down are the same your participants of the meeting have noted down. With this, you save a lot of hassle, miscommunication, and frustration within your team.

Tip 2. Select the right communication tools

We cannot repeat this enough: “Communication is key”. That’s why we recommend selecting the right tools for e-meetings or video calling. Think about channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams or Asana. But pick for each type of communication one tool to prevent communication to scatter around. Manage expectations and make clear agreements. The right technology helps to make clear the status of projects and what is expected from everyone.

Tip 3. Keep the digital media management process up to date 

Just as we advise you to select the right communication tools, we also recommend using cloud tools for proper media processing. Vlogs, recorded e-meetings, webinars are essential business communication tools, especially in these times. Tight protocols and easy tools are important for facilitating the productive cooperation and communication within your team or project group. When you select a platform make sure that they are safe, easily accessible and enable quick and easy sharing and previewing of all your media files. These components make sure that you can easily switch with managers or other team members.

Need some extra storage space to boost work productivity?

So, when your organization works remotely. Make sure that you are using the right cloud tools for easy cooperation, communication and business media content processing. If you are using MediaLab, you know like no other that we provide features to make this flow happen. Due to COVID-19, we offer, if needed, temporary extra storage space. Or do you need advice from us to help you create a remote media workflow? Let us know, we are here to help!

Contact Hans for extra temporary storage space or other business to let your digital media management process flowing.

Broadcasters & Media companies

MediaLab allows you to uploaddownload and share all types of video files in a fast and secure way, no matter what size. You can set up an automated workflow to allow producers to upload their formats to you, which will be delivered straight to your delivery platform.

Content Creators

A reliable media sharing tool is of the essence when it comes to meeting budgets and deadlines in the media industry. Together with features such as video sharingvideo previews and commenting, MediaLab makes this possible.

Corporations & Brands

MediaLab provides centralized storage for important assets such as artwork, product photography, instruction videos, audio and logos. Our tool makes it possible to organize, control and maintain your brand consistency.