There’s a saying: “I’m so glad there was no internet when I was young and did stupid things”. And it’s true! Because once it’s out there on the big world wide web, there is no way that you will ever make it disappear. You probably realise that when it comes to your drunk holiday pics, but are you just as cautious when it comes to your corporate media files?

Qualitity over quantity

Most people are very well aware that you have to think twice before you share your personal pictures on social media. Because it might come back to haunt you one day.

That is no different for your business media files. Lots of companies have full content calendars that are focused on quantity instead of quality. “We have to post 2 or 3 messages a day, or we are not visible enough for our audience”. But for instance, what if that tutorial that you posted, has a tiny little error in it? It’s out there. And it’s not going away. People will find it, view it and might leave negative comments. Not really the impression that you want to make right?

New European law

European Parliament has approved the so called upload filter. It was designed to protect the authors of media files, and it holds platforms like YouTube and Facebook responsible for people breaking the rules. Opponents fear that this filter will be a threat to internet freedom. But what people need to remember is, that with freedom comes responsibility. Because there is no filter that will check if the media files that you are about to upload are accurate and representative. Do you still want this type of content to be associated with you and your company in 10 years? Think about that, before you hit Submit.

Count to ten before you upload

When you have to send a difficult email, it’s very common to read it a couple of times, sleep on it, check it again the next morning, tweak it and then finally send it.

I would advice you to apply the same standards when you are uploading your corporate media files onto the web. Go for quality and accuracy over quantity anyday. It can save you a lot of hassle.

Broadcasters & Media companies

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Corporations & Brands

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