When you’re working for a small to medium business, you have a lot of advantages compared to larger companies. Because of your relatively smaller size, you are more flexible and it’s easier to anticipate on the demand of your stakeholders and clients. You’re faster than them when it comes to scalability. Why? It’s much easier for you to start working with the latest technology. As you’re not stuck to using old-fashioned systems, it’s much easier to grow your business. However, that’s only happening when you make the right decisions regarding your technology stack. As I wrote in my previous blog, structure and efficiency are key when it comes to a growing business. It’s up to you to make the right decisions and stay flexible without losing momentum.

More business, more media files

When your business is growing, so is the use of your media files. You want to be able… no, you need to be able to exchange your videos and visuals in a heartbeat. Because competition is lurking, you have to be quick on your feet. Imagine having to come up with a proposal for a new project. And the deadline for delivering that proposal is already tomorrow. You have to rummage around your computer, hopefully finding the right version. You have to email it to your partner, who has to do a final review. You have to wait for him or her to receive that email, download it, review it, comment on it, send it back etcetera. This takes time. Time you don’t have!

In our infographic we share the complete story about staying flexible

If you keep your media files in an unstructured manner, scattered all over the place and with multiple versions and users, chances are that you will miss out. Wouldn’t it be harsh to lose the deal only because you weren’t able to send a proposal in time? I think that’s a scenario every budding entrepreneur wants to avoid. It directly affects your reputation. And since you’ve only just entered the market, this doom scenario is killing for that reputation.

Stay structured and stay ahead

Let’s forget about this nightmare. This doesn’t have to happen to you. You can deal with challenging deadlines if you keep your file storing and sharing structured. And this doesn’t even have to be difficult. Keep your momentum and stay ahead of your competitor, while working within one single cloud you can have all of your media files up for grabs. For you and any stakeholders that you want to give access, providing them with optimal workflows to check your files. No need for downloading, everyone can comment, wherever they want, whenever they want. This will help you get that proposal ready in no time. Being the best in class you show your prospect you’re a professional. And since you were now able to spend your time on the proposal itself instead of finding the document, you increase your chance to win the deal. Go and get it!

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Broadcasters & Media companies

MediaLab allows you to uploaddownload and share all types of video files in a fast and secure way, no matter what size. You can set up an automated workflow to allow producers to upload their formats to you, which will be delivered straight to your delivery platform.

Content Creators

A reliable media sharing tool is of the essence when it comes to meeting budgets and deadlines in the media industry. Together with features such as video sharingvideo previews and commenting, MediaLab makes this possible.

Corporations & Brands

MediaLab provides centralized storage for important assets such as artwork, product photography, instruction videos, audio and logos. Our tool makes it possible to organize, control and maintain your brand consistency.